Ice in Paradise offers a full range of hockey programs led by a team of highly experienced coaches and staff. Our adult and youth hockey programs are back up and running, so check below for the program that's right for you!


Stick & puck sessions are dedicated time for players to develop their individual skills. All participants must have USA hockey insurance and wear full protective gear. Stick & Puck sessions are open to all ages. Private lessons may be done during this time period. If you are doing a private lesson, you must register and pay for the Stick & Puck session prior to arrival. 

Please login to DASH to view the most updated calendar for freestyle sessions. You are required to pay prior to entering the ice arena, $20 per session, and check in with the front desk upon arrival.


The goal of GYHL is to maximize skill development, overall athleticism, and character while having a ton of fun, so the player develops a passion for the sport.

Our non-checking, co-ed programs are here to make a change with utilizing USA Hockey’s American Development Model (ADM) as our framework. With ADM we will continue pushing for a system that favors inclusion and equal participation at younger ages. One that allows players to develop a passion and love for the game that will fuel their efforts throughout the rest of their career. One that creates more world-class players. Our ADM system provides age-appropriate guidelines so that players at all levels can maximize their development at each stage of the game, and stops the assumption that pushing the tactics of more advanced levels down to younger ages will bring about more desirable results.

Goleta Youth Hockey League is all about fun and fundamentals!


Ice in Paradise is providing a great opportunity to improve youth player's skills development at a great cost value with Coach Erik Norton. This youth hockey clinic will focus on developing a player's individual hockey and skating skills. Skaters will perform drills that focus on power skating, stick handling, passing, and building correct habits. This clinic will be divided into age and skill groups based on the coaches discretion.


Our Adult Hockey programs are back up and running! The Goleta Hockey League is split into appropriate skill levels covering the true novice, advanced, college and professional level hockey. Check out more info below.