DEC 18, 2021

You can now sign up for our Annual Holiday Show! The deadline to sign up is Oct 2, 2021. The show will be held on December 18th and practices begin October 16! We can’t wait to spread the holiday spirit with you all this season!

Contact: Ashley Padilla


There is something for everyone in our Learn to Skate program. Ice in Paradise has figure skating and hockey classes from beginner to advanced levels for tot skaters (ages three to five), youth skaters (ages six to 13 years), and teen and adult skaters of all ages.  Make-up classes may only be done within the semester enrolled.

Classes are 30 min long and skaters will work to learn a set of skills over the 8 week course.  On week 5 of the classes, skaters will receive a progress report assessing their skills.  Not all skills are expected to be achieved during one 8 week course and if you would like additional help with the skills, please inquire with your group lesson coach about private lessons.


This is a fantastic way for kids AND adults to learn how to sharpen their skating skills in a really comfortable and supportive environment.


**Ice in Paradise Learn to Skate reserves the right to combine levels if enrollment allows**


Not sure which class to take? Check them all out here!


You can always check the full Learn to Skate schedule here!


Read through the new protocols to be prepared!


Ready to get started? You can register through Dash here!

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  • Beginner Classes (Basic LTS):  

    • Little Folk/Tots - For ages 6 and under, learn to fall/get up and skate across the ice, focus on fun

    • Pre Alpha - Ages 12 and under, learn forward and backward skating, balancing and gliding on one foot

    • Alpha - Focus on forward skating skills, crossovers and developing balance

    • Beta - Focus on backward skating skills, crossovers and basic skills

    • Adult/Teen 1 - For ages 13 and above, learn the fundamentals of skating and levels Pre Alpha, Alpha and Beta skills

  • Stroking Class: Supplemental for all ages, improve basic skating skills like speed, stamina and edges

  • Advanced Classes (Developmental LTS): 

    • Gamma - Learn to turn forward to backward on one foot using different edges

    • Delta -  Master forward edges, introduction to advanced gliding maneuvers

    • Hockey -  Focus on beginning hockey skills, for all ages

    • Freestyle 1 - Introduction to spins, jumps and backward gliding edges

    • Freestyle 2 - Learn one foot spins, quarter rotation jumps and jump combinations

    • Adult Teen 2 - Must complete Adult/Teen 1, this level encompasses Gamma, Delta and Freestyle maneuvers

    • Academy - Bridge program for skaters above Freestyle 2 through competitive figure skating.  Encompasses jumps, spins, edges and choreography.  Expand your skating knowledge in this mixed level class

  • Family Fun Practice: All levels welcome, Family members skate for $5, must register family to sale.

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Learn to Skate
Learn to Skate

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Ice is cold!! BRRRRR , be sure to wear long warm pants, gloves (are better than mittens), jackets, and a hat. If you have long hair, be sure to pull it back so you can see!


  1. If you will require a helmet to skate, please bring your own as we are not providing ANY articles of clothing or equipment due to Covid (aside from skate rentals).

  2. Please be sure to wear a mask properly at ALL times while in the facility. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to leave. 

  3. Please bring a water bottle with you when you come to skate as it is a difficult physical activity and is important to hydrate. There won't be any water fountains available except to refill water bottles. 

  4. Only two parents allowed per skater in the building at this point in time.

  5.  Parents are asked to observe their skaters lesson AWAY from ALL exits and entrances to the rink(s) AND the actual ice surface. This is not only a Covid precaution but also a fire safety issue. There is a fantastic viewing area with bleachers upstairs. 

  6. Skates are ONLY allowed in the immediate lobby and on the ice surface. Skaters are not permitted to enter the parking lot or upstairs with rental skates.