The goal of youth hockey is to maximize skill development, overall athleticism, and character while having a ton of fun, so the player develops a passion for the sport.

Youth Hockey is all about fun and fundamentals!

Our non-checking, co-ed programs are here to make a change by utilizing USA Hockey’s American Development Model (ADM) as our framework. With ADM we will continue pushing for a system that favors inclusion and equal participation at younger ages. One that allows players to develop a passion and love for the game that will fuel their efforts throughout the rest of their career. One that creates more world-class players. Our ADM system provides age-appropriate guidelines so that players at all levels can maximize their development at each stage of the game, and stops the assumption that pushing the tactics of more advanced levels down to younger ages will bring about more desirable results.



Goleta Youth Hockey League (GYHL) is fun, recreational, developmental hockey. Sessions will offer concentrated teaching of fundamental skills, such as skating forward and backward, stopping, power turns, stickhandling, passing and shooting. Players will be grouped by age and ability level. With all programs, however, exceptions will be made for those children who are older, but who may be just taking up the sport.


One hour sessions will be held each week on Thursday evening and Sunday morning for a duration of 8 weeks. Season cost is $320 - Seasons will run continuously throughout the year.

Full hockey equipment required for all GYHL players: Hockey skates, approved helmet with face shield, hockey stick, hockey gloves, hockey pants, shin pads, cup, elbow pads and shoulder pads.


Jersey and socks will be provided to first time participants. Additional items can be purchased separately.

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Recreational, developmental hockey with an emphasis on skills practice & small area games.

One practice and one game per week. One hour each session.


Monday (open to all) 4:45-5:45 PM 

Thursday (Group 1) 4:45-5:45 PM

Thursday (Group 2) 5:45-6:45 PM

Sunday (Game) 10:15 AM-11:30 PM

Groups & Days:

Monday is open to all ages and skill level.

Thursday group 1 targets 4-10 year olds.

Thursday group 2 targets 11-16 year olds.

On game day, your child's shift will be against kids of the same division.

Please email coach Erik for a player evaluation and group assignment.

**No checking**


$320 for 8 week Season. Seasons will run continuously throughout the year.

USA Hockey Membership for 2020/2021 required $46 + $7 CAHA (2014 and younger no charge)


Our goal is to eliminate a major barrier to youth hockey, the gear. We also want to provide readily available gear in all youth sizes.


The Young Norq gear program allows newcomers to borrow our gear while their participant is Learning to Play. Kids can quickly outgrow their gear, however, within our program, you are able to exchange the smaller size gear for larger — ranging from youth small to youth large. We also provide this option for youth skate sizes. 


There is a $0 fee to rent the gear for the first 6 weeks. After that point, we ask the participant to purchase the gear and or skates if they wish to continue within our gear program. We simply charge the cost of the gear and or skates, as we are not in the business of hockey gear sales. Lastly, for every gear or skate program sale, the money goes to purchasing another set of equipment which will enable another player to Learn to Play hockey. 

Here's how it works:

1. Your Young Norqs skater decides they want to try hockey (yay!).

2. Schedule your gear fitting- try everything on and test it out for free for 6 weeks (yep, for FREE!).

3. If your skater loves it (which they will!) then after your first 6-weeks, you purchase the gear. If they don't love it, return it to us and you're good to go!

4. As your skater grows out of that set of gear (we know they grow quickly), you can trade up for the next size at no cost.

5. Your skater now loves hockey and has been able to use properly fitting gear at a low cost.


The best part? When you purchase your gear, that money will go directly to funding another set of equipment for the next skater. Not only are you saving money, but you are directly contributing to a community of new hockey players!



When you order your hockey gear and equipment through our Ice Warehouse Affiliate link we get 10% of your total sale! Get all the gear you need, and help Ice in Paradise at the same time - it's a win-win!