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Dedicated time for players to develop their individual skills.

What is Stick and Puck?

Stick and Puck provides hockey players the opportunity to reinforce skills that they learn during practices and to work on skills they cannot normally practice during public skating sessions or other hockey related ice times.

These skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic skating skills

  • Power skating

  • Stick handling

  • Shooting technique (except slapshots)

Stick and puck also provides an opportunity for players to receive private instruction on the ice. 



Open to all ages


$20 per session with online registration

$25 per session for in person registration

Please contact for more info.


Time for private lessons


Monday, Tuesday 9:00am-4:15pm

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00am-4:15pm

*Schedule subject to change


Stick Time Rules

These rules are meant to keep you and everyone around you safe on and off the ice. We require that everyone follows the rules listed below. Any violation of our Stick Time Rules could result in your privileges as a skater being revoked. All rules, policies, and procedures are subject to change.

  1. Full hockey equipment is mandatory for all skaters.

  2. Helmets must be worn at all times, including when you are in the player’s bench areas.

  3. Be aware of those around you when shooting/skating for a puck.  Don't intentionally cut people off.

  4. No small/full ice scrimmages allowed. Stick and Puck allows players to work on the skill of their choice and scrimmages pose a safety liability and violators of this rule will lose ice privileges.

  5. No slap shots allowed.

  6. All shots must be taken at the ends of the rink where protective netting and thick glass is in place. No shots should be taken at the side boards.

  7. Water bottles must be kept in the player's bench areas and not on the cap rail. Food is not permitted. 

  8. Figure skates are not allowed on Stick Time ice, except if worn by coaches. 

  9. Fighting, foul language, and horseplay will NOT be tolerated. Fighting will result in expulsion without refund and possible banishment from the rink.

  10. Semi-private lessons of no more than two skaters and one coach are allowed, but participants must share the entire ice surface with all other participants and cannot block off a section to hold private lessons or restrict the ice with training aids. All coaches must be a registered internal or external coach with Ice in Paradise.

  11. Stick and Puck is not intended for group lessons or for partial/full team practices. This includes practicing breakouts and other offensive and defensive drills.

  12. The Supervisor On Duty has full discretion to limit or prohibit any drills, lessons, or other activities which they might deems unsafe or disruptive to other customers.

  13. All participants skate at their own risk.


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